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The 7 Bra Faux Pas and How to Avoid Them


It has been said over and over that more than 80% of women are wearing ill-fitting bras, or bras that are not the proper size for your body.  This practice results in 7 bra faux pas, which means embarrassing mistakes of wearing your bras may also create social blunders.  Following are those seven bra faux pas.

1.  The sideboob is the most common of all the seven, and it results when the bra’s cup wire does not sit on your ribcage but on your boobs.  So, naturally, your boobs will spill out and show at the sides of your bra.  The root cause of this is too small cup size or the bra cup design…try a bigger cup size or a bra that has side support and inward push function to resolve this issue. Orlinas bra is designed to perfectly resolve this issue.

2.  The high rider is the result of wearing a bra the band size of which is too big.  This makes the back of your bra to ride up to the back of your body.  Picking  a bra with a smaller band size will help you solve this faux pas.

3.  The quadraboobs happens when your busts spill over your bra top, creating the appearance of having four boobs.  It is very likely that your bra cups are too small for your breasts, so adjust by one cup size bigger.

4.  The super drooper is when you feel that your boobs need more support than what your present bra gives. This means that the band of the bra you’re wearing is too big and it has loose straps.  To help you with the fit, go down one band size.

5.  The ledge is the result of over-uplift given by your bra.  Your boobs are given this name because they appear to look like a ledge when they are transformed.  The cause of this is too small band and cup size, so get a bigger size.

6.  The saggy cups is another blunder produced by wrinkled cups.  Get a smaller cup size, because it is obvious that your bra cups are too big and there’s too much fabric. 

7.  The big stand off also happens when your bra front is not sitting flat to your breastbone.  It is obvious that your bra band is too big, so go down one size.

There they are - the 7 bra faux pas that you commit when you wear ill-fitting bras.  If you notice,  all of these embarrassing mistakes that I have identified can be corrected by getting yourself properly fitted and getting a bra that is of the correct size.

Let’s go back to the sideboobs, being the largest bra faux pas.  Perhaps you have seen Miley Syrus, Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley appear in public with their sideboobs.  Well, perhaps, because they are celebrities, we can forgive them for their bra faux pas.  However, for other women, revealing the side of their breasts is considered a major mistake.  It only shows that the bra they wear does not fit their body, or that these women are not aware that their bras are not giving them anymore the look and the support that their breasts need.

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  • Sofia Johnson
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