Orlinas Shape Bra: Be Lifted, Be Curvier and Be Sexier

No matter small or big busted, have you ever wondered why you have flesh hang under arms or bulge on the back? Yes, you have come to the right place and looking at the ultimate solution that you have been actively looking for: Orlinas shape bra collection.

We may gradually add more styles and series of lingerie as we grow, however, this shape bra style, our very first and so far most successful collection, will always remain our flagship line simply because it WORKS. It hides fleshes under arms and on the back, tones the body and provides health benefits. 

What exactly is Orlinas shape bra?

We take special consideration of ergonomic and medical factors when designing our bras.  Through precise calculation and discrete design, our shape bra not only is aesthetically pleasant, but also provides functions such as adjusting and enhancing curve, catching and fixing body fat, straightening back spine and correcting body posture.

Not just demonstrating your body shape as a normal bra does, Orlinas shape bra can “nip and tuck” the body shape by covering fat and correcting fat position.  This is why this style is called shape bra, as it makes a woman looks sexier, slimmer and healthier.

It is all about the unique design.  Comparing to a normal bra, the shape bra has higher sides, center front panel and back wing, the underwire is push-in shaped and shoulder straps and side boning are better designed to cover armpit fat.  Furthermore, the U shape back effectively prevents shoulder straps sliding off.


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Do you need an Orlinas shape bra? 

Yes, you do, regardless slim or curvy, big or small breasted you are.  Actually we recommend every woman own at least two of our bras.  Human body parts sag and lose elastic gradually as muscle ages and gravity drags down the weight.  Unfortunately for women, the first visible sign is the saggy breasts and lax and stretched muscle around the abdominal and waist.  Additionally, things like pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight fluctuation, accelerate the sagging process. 

Fortunately, the whole thing is not unavoidable just because it is a natural thing (it is reported that women’s breasts droop at a speed of twenty degree every decade).  Or at least we can delay it and push it off as late as possible.  Orlinas shape bra is created under such a conception. 

How does Orlinas shape bra work?

Made of super elastic and health beneficial material, our shape bra can stimulate the blood circulation and help the body burn out extra fat during natural body movement.  Additionally, the shape bra pushes the extra fat to the more appropriate places like under bra cups and back wing to build a smoother, sexier and sleeker physique.  

For women who are curvy: the shape bra can provide tremendous support and lift you need.  The well design and structure can secure your breasts while still offering the comfort.  On top of the support, the shape bra funnels the weight to more desirable places and slims down the body and smoothes out the lines.

For women who desire curve: the shape bra directs the fat from body sides, underarm and upper abdominal, to the breasts and creates and enhances the cleavage to achieve the hourglass look.

For girls during puberty: the bra can not only shape the growth of the body but also prevent curvy back bone and correct and maintain an upright posture.

Does wearing Orlinas shape bra pose any danger?

Although there are some people complaining upset stomach when wearing shapewear, there is no health implication when wearing our shape bra, if it is worn in a right way.  (Please refer to our How to Wear a Bra Right).  In fact, because of the materials we carefully select and use and design we thoughtfully develop, there should be all health beneficial for wearing our shape bras.